Which flowers to send?

Discover with us which are the most suitable flowers based on the occasion. Our site has a wide selection of bouquets of flowers but also plants. Clicking on a recurrence displays all the flowers that we consider most suitable.
However, the choice is up to you, sometimes it is also nice to choose the bouquet that inspires you and likes more!

Ordina on-line un bellissimo mazzo di fiori o una pianta!


Flowers and love are the perfect combination .. In the emotional sphere, the classic is red roses, on our site there are many bouquets with red roses or a bouquet with long-stemmed red roses “extra” quality. Mixed bouquets with even red roses can be an original alternative. Roses are usually given in odd quantities, a perfect number are dozens (12 or 24 roses) or an idea can be an amount equal to the anniversary, for example a rose for each year of engagement or marriage. On our site you can compose your own bouquet of roses with the desired quantity, moreover there is a selection of flowers dedicated to lovers.

The most suitable: Red roses or mixed bouquet and red roses together.


Send to a friend, a loved one or to your partner a bouquet of flowers for birthday is a timeless classic, a gesture that will never go out of fashion and that is always appreciated. The ideal are bunches of flowers mixed, colorful, bright, especially with seasonal flowers. On our site is available a wide selection of decks designed for birthdays, an original idea are the bouquets of flowers combined with our delicious handmade candles.

The most suitable: Bouquet with mixed flowers but colored.


Give a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your anniversary is an elegant and romantic idea to remember such an important occasion as your wedding. The protagonist is white, white roses, bouquets with mixed flowers in light and delicate tones. Or for those who want something more “passionate” a beautiful bouquet of red roses. On our website there is a section dedicated to the bouquets for “Anniversary”.

The most suitable: Bunches of white, red or white and red roses.


A degree, an important milestone, a birth, are occasions that deserve to be celebrated. Getting the person concerned / a bunch of flowers is the way to make you feel close and congratulate. The ideal are bunches of colorful flowers, bright, with bright tones like yellow, orange, fuchsia .. If for a girl can also be bouquet on the rose, for a boy the sunflowers, flowers with warm tones. On our website there is a selection of flowers for “Congratulations”.

The most suitable: Bouquets of brightly colored flowers, plants or orchids.


The loss of a relative or an acquaintance is always a painful and sad event. A flower can make one feel close to loved ones and send one’s own condolences. They are suitable flowers with white shades, perfect white roses or a funeral wreath. A selection for condolences is available on our website.

The most suitable: White flowers, white roses or the funeral wreath.